Language and Literature Learning and Didactics of German (Scientific Series)

The series Language and Literature Learning and Didactics of German (Scientific Series) (Sprachlich-Literarisches Lernen und Deutschdidaktik – Bände, SLLD-B) focuses on contributions from German didactics as well as from representatives of German didactic reference sciences, as long as they deal with an area of linguistic-literary learning in the broadest sense. In this way, the desire to adopt an interdisciplinary approach also aims, for example, at children’s and young people’s literature, applied linguistics and literary studies, empirical educational research or the subject area of digitalization and linguistic-literary learning. The series publishes thematically relevant academic monographs such as dissertations and postdoctoral theses, as well as conference proceedings, anthologies or commemorative publications. All formats are subject to a double blind review. The publications are always published online. This enables the authors to increase the visibility and dissemination of their own work. In addition, more complex data sets, materials and appendices can be published in an open access format. On request, in addition to this online publication, a publication as “print on demand” is possible at Schneider Verlag Hohengehren.

Contributions can be submitted to the members of the editorial staff at any time and and unsolicited.

Contact and submission of contributions:

Prof. Dr. Steffen Gailberger
Prof. Dr. Michael Krelle
Prof. Dr. Swantje Weinhold
Prof. Dr. Thomas Zabka

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